F. Clayton

Sutton School of Dance was a huge part of my life for 14 years. I took part in all the Dance Classes Antrobus Dance Classes Northwich– Tap, Ballet and Modern, as well as the multiple shows and presentations throughout the years. This Dance School is fantastic because you are not just taught, you are supported and cared for; no one is left out! Dance will always be enjoyable for me, especially my favourite- Tap, I find it to be such a release and a great way to get to know people, especially when we do the shows and you meet up with your Dance friends from other classes. It is also the best way to exercise without realising it! Thanks for everything, Debbie and Freya!

M. Alley

My class mates have become some of my best friends…

I started dance lessons 300139_123574037750433_139018432_n[1]in Antrobus when I began primary school and I’ve loved it since then. Dance classes have always been fun and more recently has provided the perfect break from my academic studying. My class mates have become some of my best friends and there is such a strong network among students (past and present) which is really nice. One of my favourite parts is getting the chance to try so many different styles of dance and performing in the variety of shows throughout the year. I feel that learning how to perform has helped me with making presentations and communicating in my everyday life outside of dance.