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Dance Classes Northwich

IMG_6037If you, or your child is interested in learning how to Dance; we encourage you to get in touch. With Dance Classes in Antrobus, Moulton and Tarporley, we pride ourselves in catering for boys and girls from 2 to 18 years of age. For more information and to discuss enrolling your child at Sutton School of Dance Classes Northwich please get in touch.

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We enrol pupils from 2.5 to 18 years of age. Usually by 18 our students are either ready to go to London and follow a career in Dance or Performance, or they are jetting off to University. Most of our students join Dance Clubs at university as they say they miss Dance and its a great way to keep fit and make friends with like minded people!

Each of our individual Dance Classes, as you would expect, consist of similarly aged pupils as they have developed at the same speed. However, here at Sutton School of Dance we will not hold any student back. When we get a student with real talent for dance beyond their years we will move them to a suitable class if that is what they want to do. Equally we do not like progressing pupils past their comfort levels. If any pupil wants to slow down we are open to reviewing the classes they take.

We like to keep in touch with as many past students as we can, we love it when they come back and visit us in class, or at our dance performances, events and summer schools. Here at Sutton School of Dance we have a supportive, friendly and welcoming school, where we encourage our students to fall in love with Dance.

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Where are your dance classes held?

We are situated in mid Cheshire. At the moment we have branches in Antrobus, Moulton and Tarporley.

A full current locations page can be found here;

Our Locations

What do you teach your pre-school pupils?

At our Ballet Classes in Northwich we start our younger students off with a simple, fun, and welcoming approach to Ballet. At this stage the students use imagery, props and song as an introduction to the steps, keeping the Ballet Class Northwich light hearted and enjoyable. Along with learning ballet technique through exercises in lines, circles and across the room, we also focus on introducing the technical steps into themed manageable little Dances. Our students love performing these dances to their fellow class mates, and when we get really good, we even let whoevers picking them up come in and have a little preview!

How often do you hold Dance Exams?

We hold 3 Exam Sessions a year; November, March and June.

Our younger students will start by taking Performance Exams once a year. For performance exams are students wear costumes, provided for by Sutton School of Dance.

As soon as our pupils start taking technical Grade Exams they usually take exams in 2 or 3 of the exam sessions per year. The exams they take are a steady progression through the Ballet, Modern and Tap Grades along with Performance Medal and Trophy Exams.

Do you have a uniform?

Yes we have a dance uniform for both our boys and girls.

All parts of our uniform can be sourced locally or ordered in for you by Sutton School of Dance.

We have a uniform not just for safety reasons but to allow the correct lines to be made and seen by both the pupil and the teacher.

The footwear needed again is for safety reasons, however also to allow the relevant progression through each discipline.

Our uniform falls within the guideline for entering pupils in N.A.T.D Exams.

How do I enrol my child a your dance classes?

First of all get in touch.

Call Debbie Sutton: 01606891089 / 07813374517


Here we can discuss which class will best suit your child.

For your child’s first Dance Class with us, we advise you bring them in shorts/ leggings and a t-shirt for free and easy movement. We suggest bare feet so your child does not slip wearing socks, and so their feet are not restricted by shoes.

Can you cater for a pupil that wants a career in Dance and Performance?


Here at Sutton School of Dance we treat every pupil as individual.  We are not shy to move a talented student to a more advanced class. Furthering this, if a talented ambitious student develops past any of our advanced classes, we will teach them individually, encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Here at Sutton School of Dance we have had many of our students go on to follow a career in Dance, whether that be teaching or performing. We like to keep in touch with as many of our past students as possible, we feel so humbled that many of them return to help and support us at our Shows, Summer Schools and Exams.

With experience teaching students who have gone on to study Dance and Performing Arts at Universities and private London Colleges, we are always happy to help and offer advice to all our students wanting a career in Dance.

Can I join at any age?


We welcome pupils of all ages to enjoy dancing and reap the benefits it has on your everyday life.

What we explain to all our pupils who join later on, whether that be aged 5, aged 11, or aged 16, is that they have to remember that the other pupils in their classes have been dancing longer than them; they have a greater understanding of the technique and the way we work here at Sutton School of Dance. However if they are patient and trust us, we will get catch them up.

When we get pupils joining later on we do our best to encourage and support them. With regards to taking exams, the pupils will do all the work leading up to the exams, we will then assess whether the pupil will take the exams nearer the time. This will depend on whether both we and the pupil feel comfortable with the standard they have reached so far. If the new pupil doesn’t take the exam they will not be held back, they will stay with their class and continue to develop learning work from the next grade.

How much are the dance classes?

All of our pupils pay termly. We’ve found our parents prefer this as they don’t have to find the correct amount of change each week.

We start our half hour classes at a basic rate of £4, as our pupils then spread to more disciplines and time, the fees go up by £1 for every new time bracket.

We make sure that our rates are competitive and affordable for the majority. If any of our pupils are having difficulty with payment, we encourage them to talk to us in private. We are very understandable and don’t want our pupils missing out on something they love.

Do you teach boys?

Absolutely. We have experience teaching boys from 2.5 to 16 years of age.

Here at Sutton School of Dance we believe we cater for boys in a supportive accessible way. Within the N.A.T.D syllabus the exercises are either unisex, or there are optional exercises for boys. We also have the option as teachers in the more advanced grades to choreograph for each individual class, thus providing us with a chance to make sure the routines not only show off our pupils but are suitable for our boys.

Our boys uniform is more casual, consisting of loose fitting shorts or trousers and a t-shirt. This makes our boys feel more comfortable. With regards to Exams, our boys still get to wear suitable attire and costumes, provided for by Sutton School of Dance.

We hold classes for boys throughout the week at 3 locations.

Can I just dance for fitness and fun?

Of course!

Most students will only ever Dance as a hobby; a fun way to keep fit and active, a great social activity where you can enjoy improving and performing whilst making friends.

No one is forced to perform or take Exams here at Sutton School of Dance, however we find our students want to! Just because they Dance for a hobby doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy progressing through the N.A.T.D Dance Grades, more over maturing into a fabulous Dancer and having proof of their Dance ability. Our students also love to perform and show family and friends how good they are and how much they are constantly improving.

Who will be teaching my child?

Debbie Sutton is the principle of Sutton School of Dance. With over 35 years of teaching experience Debbie’s knowledge of the syllabus and technique is remarkable. With a supportive, progressive and relaxed teaching approach, it’s no wonder all the students here at Sutton School of Dance grow very fond of her.

Debbie encourages the older students to help with the younger classes. This gives the younger students clear examples of what they are working towards, along with being beneficial for the senior students as they have to make sure their technique is perfect and they are setting excellent examples.

Freya Sutton, Debbie’s daughter also teaches at Sutton School of Dance when she is not working professionally. Freya trained under Debbie, then went on to study on a full scholarship at the independent College; the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts London, graduating top of her year with a Diploma in Musical Theatre. She has since performed  in London and Tour, most recently playing the lead role of ‘Tracy Turnblad’ in the professional UK and Ireland Tour of ‘Hairspray’, where she received the Award for Best Newcomer in Musical. The students love being taught by Freya, with her enthusiasm and high expectations they rise to the challenge in order to impress and learn from her.

Do I have to pay for all the costumes?

No not at all. All our costumes are made for the use of our pupils and are kept and maintained by us.

When it comes to needing costumes for exams and performances what we don’t have, we make or buy for each student. However with roughly 10, 000 costumes all together and by constantly making new relevant costumes, we are never stuck for choice! We’ve just had to replace our old shed with a new bigger one to store them all!

Our pupils love dressing up and performing in our beautiful costumes, they love being the first to wear a costume, however they equally love reading the label and seeing which older students they look up to wore the costume before them.

Do you teach Adult Dance Classes in Northwich?

We offer Adult Tap Classes Northwich and Adult Ballet Classes Northwich.

For more information please visit our Adult Dance Classes Northwich page.

Where do you teach Dance in Tarporley?

Please visit our Locations Page for full address including map.

Where do you teach Dance in Moulton?

Please visit our Locations Page for full address including map.

Where do you teach Dance in Antrobus?

Please visit our Locations Page for full address including map.