Z. Gregory

Dance Classes NorthwichI love Dancing with Sutton School of Dance so much! Zak aged 7!

I. May

Dance Classes NorthwichI LOVE Summer School with Sutton School of Dance!

L. May

Dance Classes NorthwichImogen loves the fantastic Summer School…

Imogen loves the fantastic summer school run by Sutton School of Dance. I am always amazed at the quality of the dancing, dance  routines and costumes. All produced in only a week!

S. Capstick

Dance Classes Northwich

The teachers at Sutton School of Dance are very good, and if you don’t get something they will give lots of help. It’s also a lot of fun and keeps me fit.

A. Capstick

Dance Classes NorthwichDebbie and Freya are extremely good teachers and make dancing fun…

My Daughter has attended Sutton School of Dance for a number of years. Debbie and Freya are extremely good teachers and make dancing fun. My daughter LOVES the Summer Camp.

G. Smith

Dance Classes Northwich

I would recommend Sutton School of Dance to anyone…

My daughter started dancing aged 8 and has been with Sutton School of Dance for nearly a year now. I was worried she was starting to late and that she would fit in or catch up her age group, but Debbie reassured me she’d get her there. With lots of help and supportive encouragement my daughter now fits in with her class ability wise and took her first little exam recently which she loved. She’s got her first ever Dance Trophy! All the rest of the girls in her class accepted her right away and now she has all her dancing friends as well as school friends. I would recommend Sutton School of Dance to anyone.

J. Cook

Dance Classes Northwich

I wish my children had danced sooner…

I have recently moved my children to Sutton School of Dance from another dance school. I wish I had done it sooner! It is unbelievable the amount of progress they have made in less than a year, compared to there numerous years at their previous dance school. I feel like I’ve been wasting my money at the previous dance school.

My children still have fun in class with the free stuff I see them do, but exam work is really giving them dance technique. They are now enjoying dance more because they can do more steps. It’s so lovely to see them have a hobby they are so committed to and have a passion for.

A. Brown

Dance Classes NorthwichI travel 30 mins to take my daughter to Sutton School of Dance….

My Daughter has been dancing with Sutton School of Dance since she was 2 years old. She’s now 5 and still loves going to dance. I was dubious about sending her so young, but Debbie is so good with them, and the progress she has made is amazing. We’ve now moved house and primary schools, but I travel 30 mins in the school rush to get my daughter to her class. I wouldn’t dream of sending her to another dance school, she would miss the teachers and all her dance friends. In my opinion it’s the best dance school in the area. I highly recommend Sutton School of Dance.

H. Newby

Dance Classes Northwich

She loves it just as much now 10 years on….

Doing Dancing with Sutton School of Dance for my daughter has been a wonderful experience, helping her grow in confidence, independence, and skill. She has danced with the school since the age of 4, and loves it just as much now aged 14!